Vice Principals

Vice Principals

The assistant principals at Bingham work hard to provide students with the best learning environment possible. The mission of our administration is to “empower each student to function effectively in an ever-changing society by guiding and supporting a nurturing staff.”

Mr. Hutchings 

Mr. Hutchings received his undergrad at Western Michigan University and his Master’s and Admin Certification from Utah State. After schooling, Hutchings taught business classes at Riverton High School for six years. Hutchings said he wanted to be an administrator to work with different students and teachers. Hutchings said that he believes the most important part of his job is helping teachers to be successful to improve student learning. Hutchings has many responsibilities at Bingham, some of which include building use and maintenance, sports, and graduation. In Hutchings’ free time, he enjoys spending time with his three children and attending activities and events at Bingham. When asked what he would say to the students of Bingham, he said, “Give your best effort every day because we all have a limited amount of time. The more you put into it right now the better off you’ll be in the future.”

Ms. Jacobson

Ms. Jacobson is over curriculum and the Professional Learning Community. PLC is a program for developing teachers, constantly helping them to learn and grow. Jacobson has a Master’s degree and Educational Leadership Certificate from Utah State and a Bachelor’s degree from BYU. Jacobson taught future teachers at BYU and high school social studies. Jacobson said that she will always be a teacher at heart. She said, “I loved the impact I had on my own classroom. For me, becoming an administrator was the possibility of having an impact on a whole school.” Jacobson’s favorite part of being an administrator is working with passionate teachers and helping them teach us. Jacobson enjoys being outdoors, attending concerts, traveling, and reading. Jacobson wants the students of Bingham to know, “You have a lot of people who deeply care about you. These people are fighting for you, they’re not fighting with you.”

Mr. Veazie

Mr. Veazie has a Bachelor’s from Weber State University, a Master’s in education from the University of Phoenix, and a Post Master’s degree in supervision and administration from the University of Phoenix. Before Veazie came to Bingham as an administrator, he was a high school teacher and coach. Veazie taught high school Sports Medicine, Exercise Science, and Emergency Medical Response. Veazie also coached high school football for 16 years and basketball for ten years. Although Veazie loved teaching, he wanted to have a bigger influence. Veazie says that his favorite thing about being an administrator is getting to know more students, teachers, and programs. In his free time, Veazie enjoys camping, hunting, and playing golf. Veazie loves spending time with his “incredible family,” including his three daughters. When asked what he would say to Bingham students, Veazie said, “Work hard, play hard, learn lots, and have fun. Take advantage of every opportunity you can, do the absolute best you can, but knowing you’ve put forth your best effort, be satisfied with the results.”

Mr. Vincent

This is Mr. Vincent’s first year as an administrator at Bingham. Vincent has a Bachelor’s in business from Westminster and a Master’s degree in education from Utah State. Vincent was endorsed by the state in school administration and has worked in education for over 20 years. He says that he became an administrator to “help students graduate from high school to pursue worthy goals in their life.” Vincent is a disciplinary officer and manages transportation and overnight travel. When Vincent is not here at Bingham he enjoys riding bicycles, driving his Corvette, and spending time with family. Vincent has seven children and 14 grandchildren. Vincent says to the students of Bingham: “Be good people. Be minerized. Be motivated. Be the best that you can be. Remember that the rent we pay for being on the Earth is the service we give to others.”