Bingham Ballroom and Covid-19

Bingham is known for many things, one of which is all our amazing dance teams, including the ballroom team. This year due to COVID-19, they are unable to perform at their End of Year Concert. 

Even without the end of year performance, the team has still shared great memories and experiences. Makayla Mason explained the hard work that goes into their preparation: “ We’ve been preparing since about late July. We have a three-week summer warm-up to get us ready.” Blake Timmons added, “We have early morning practices every B-day starting at 6:30 am all year long.” 

The team spends a lot of time practicing their team routines and student choreographed pieces as well. They put so much effort into their performances, and it’s really sad to see the show not go on. But the team is keeping up good spirits. “The important thing to remember is that we are still a team and a family, and we’re all trying to help each other stay positive and support each other,” Blake said. 

Keeping the morale up, Makayla shared her favorite memory, “It was the Ballroom State Competition. It was nice to have everyone be really comfortable around each other and have that team unity.” Blake added, “It was by far one of the funnest days I had on the team. Just the energy that we had that day and the school pride that our team had was incredible.” 

Blake said his favorite performance of theirs was the Christmas “Hot Chocolate” dance they did. He said, “The energy of the crowd and the excitement of the team made it 100% worth the time we put into it.” 

Makayla said her favorite performance was at a retirement center where they did a social dance with the residents and she danced with a guy who was 94 years old! “It was just so cool to see him still dancing at that age!” 

Lastly, Makayla and Blake shared their love for the team and shared why others should join the team. Makayla, who has been part of the team all three years, said, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to be a part of the team and have Gina as my coach.” Blake, who joined this year, said, “It’s a really great opportunity for people wanting to further their dancing abilities. It’s an amazing team to work with. I obviously haven’t had a crazy amount of dancing experience before, but our coach and team captains do a fantastic job helping you how to learn… I’m so thankful I was able to join this team and for the friendships and opportunities that it allowed me to have.” 

The ballroom team works so hard in every single performance and you can see how much effort they put into their performances. The team is a great example of supporting and loving your friends and teammates, especially in hard times.