2020 SBO Elections

Jaiden Gunn, Staff Writer

With the new school year coming quickly and this year coming to a close at home instead of in school, the SBO elections were done a little differently this year. 


Ms. Beddes, the SBO advisor, said “The biggest difference is not being able to do things physically. Physically hanging posters on the walls of the school…seeing the videos together…The candidates interacting with voters in person.” This year due to the school closure, we were not able to do many end of year things, including the SBO election assemblies. But while it is different, the voting was still the same. Candidates have to do a lot of paperwork and have a lot of due dates to keep track of, all while they still have their normal classes. They work hard, show a good example, and hope they can help the student body be better together and show school spirit. 


Some of our new SBOs shared their thoughts with us about their hopes for next year. 


Our 2020-2021 SBO President, Gavin Ballard said “We have so many great students, clubs, and teams at Bingham and they all deserve to be seen and supported.” He says that next year, he wants to inspire and support every student at Bingham. “I want to create more effective ways to publicize all the different kinds of activities and show off their achievements.” Gavin said he hopes that everyone realizes the importance of helping each other this next year. “High school can be a hard time for everyone…whatever we go through we do it as a school and lean on each other for support.” 


Finally, he had a message for the students of next year. “I am very excited for next year and I’m pumped for all the memories we are going to make together.” With the school closure hopefully ending, I look forward to the many memories we will make next year. He continued, “When we come back in the fall I hope everyone can come together in welcoming any new students and faculty to the Bingham family. As a student government, we will do our best to put together great events and make sure your voice is heard! I love you guys and cannot wait for the good times that next year will bring. Stay safe and get excited!” 


Another new SBO, Jake Thomas, said, “I hope the students will take away that we can make the year what we want it to be and that we can make the most of any situation” He also said looks forward to the school dances and activities that will happen, and he wants to personally invite students to games and activities. His message to the students was “Stay positive and excited for the next year because it’s going to be a great one!” 


Ellie Simmons, SBO for the new school year, said, “I’m looking forward to working with all of the other amazing SBOs and being able to be a part of everything at Bingham!” She says that she “just wants to spread the love! I will always do what I can to make someone’s day brighter.” Especially in these hard times, this is exactly what we need for the new year. Ellie hopes that this year students “come to school grateful everyday. Treating everyday like it could be their last day at school.” Her message to everyone was “I can’t wait to see you! I already love you all and I’m excited for this next school year! It’s about to be the best school year of our lives!” 


Carter Boswell said, “I’m looking forward to us all coming back stronger than ever, and to make this year amazing. Miners unite with one another no matter what, and I know our school spirit is going to thrive once we have the chance to be back together!” He hopes to help make an environment where everyone feels heard. “I’ll make it a priority to answer questions, and bring up suggestions, so that students see that they truly have a say in their year.” He hopes that this year students will take away that “we’re all different, we all belong, and we all matter.” He also says this will only happen if we all work together and get involved! His final message is “Thank you for electing me as an SBO, and I know we’re going to do great things together this year! Also please wash your hands!”


Alee Estrada, SBO of Tech, said, “I am super excited to try to find creative ways to involve students and make sure that they know that they are appreciated.” Alee says she hopes that everyone knows that they have a voice and they are heard. “I want to make sure that everyone enjoys high school because it’s some of the greatest years of our life. High school is about the friends and memories you make.” Her message to students is, “This year is going to be completely different because of the effects of the coronavirus. I want you to know that you are appreciated. This next year, get involved. Go to the games, go to the activities. Make it the best year you can.” 


Marki Bangeter said, “What I’m looking forward to this year as an SBO is getting everyone involved and representing Bingham!” This next year, we need to show everyone what we’ve got and what we’ve missed by going to school activities. Marki continued, “ I want to impact Bingham High by making sure that everyone is included and feels proud to be a Bingham Miner and that everyone has a place at Bingham by being on a team, club, or just supporting each other at activities!” She also reiterated what many of the other SBO’s said: “To have a positive attitude at school and to make every second memorable.” This year is our year. We need to make sure it’s a memorable one. Lastly, her message to the students is “I’m so excited to be an SBO for Bingham and represent our amazing school. I will make this upcoming year the best year positive and enjoy every second we are Bingham Miners!” 


Ben Stepan said, “As and SBO, I am most excited to be a representative of Bingham High School and the student body.” This year, the SBOs have been clear that they want everyone to be involved and feel represented at school. Ben continued, “I think the best way to impact the students that go to our school is to be kind to everyone. Everyone comes from a different background and we should not judge, but instead we should be kind…and also look for only the good things in people.” He added, “I hope that students will finish next year and be able to think back to all the friends they’ve made and all the hard work they’ve put into school,” His hope is like many others. He hopes everyone will “say to themselves that they did a fantastic job and wouldn’t change a thing…I want to help people love school next year.” Lastly, he says he wants students to “have fun. Enjoy life through high school because it only happens once and one it’s over, it’s over. There’s nothing you can do about it so enjoy it while it lasts and make as many friends as you can to share experiences with.” 


We were unable to hear from McKell Singley, but we are looking forward to seeing her as an SBO next year as well. 


We are so excited for this next year and hope to make the best out of it! Our new SBOs will be amazing and help you feel heard. This upcoming year, get involved. Join a club or even start one. Be a part of the school. Make new friends and help everyone feel included. Make this year one to remember and “we’ll always remember in May and September” that it’s a great day to be a Miner.