Reasons to Block People on Facebook


Photo by Bing

Shaylee Hook, Staff Writer

Facebook is the place everyone comes to write what’s on their mind and keep in touch with friends, but in some cases, you may not want to stay in touch any longer. Unfriending people can be a hard task, and at times very stressful, however, there is a way. To make your conquest easier we’ve created the perfect profile of people you may want to unfriend.

The EX– It’s nice that after the break up you can still be friends, but ultimately it’s rather annoying seeing them post things like where they are eating their dinner. I had to hear about it when I was dating you, haven’t I suffered enough?

The ‘Soft- Hearted’– The reason why I call them this is because these people manage to swear themselves into the love fest to people they have never talked to. Some say the worst kinds of breakups are the ones that never existed. Either way, I don’t understand why I need to know.

The Virtual Fanatic– No, I did not know this video game came out, but you posting every level you’ve surpassed is truly intriguing. Please, tell me more about your virtual struggles.

The Dramatic– Somehow, even though all of the non-emotional pep talks you’ve given this person, they still insist on writing dramatic statuses that divulge their nonexistent world. In order to miss someone, doesn’t that require you to have someone?

The Creeper– This person typically likes pretty much everything you post ranging from pictures to comments on other people’s pictures. Whether it be a co-worker or friend, you can’t help but feel a little bit special as they add ‘Watching your profile’ as their hobby.

The Driving Psycho– That’s right, you tell people that tree jumped in front of your car, I believe you. Trees these days.

The Facebook Gamer– After finding Farmville or whatever other games they find, they take it upon themselves to spread the love of the game by sending you several invitations. Thanks for the offer, but have you ever played Call of Duty?

Your Parents– Yes, Mom, I know you love me. Now get off facebook, please…

The Hacker– That one stupid best friend who loves to hack your profile and post random things. It’s pretty awkward when random people walk up to you and say “Hey! I play bongos, too!”  Yes, you are funny, and yes, I am blocking you.

The Photographer– In every group of friends you have that kind-hearted soul who always has a camera. At first, the idea of pictures is great, but once the pictures are posted you can’t help but blame the photographer for your own weird expressions.

The Inspiration Talker– You have some pretty good quotes about prejudices and kindness. Why do you hate me?

The Complainer– From broken nails to a regular occurring bad day, these people are never satisfied with life. Of course, the cure for life is facebook…

The Suggester– Those people who love to suggest their friends to you. I’m sure they are great people, but I think I kind of like my friends.

The Attention Seeker– This “No make-up” beauty updates her profile with different pictures she’s taken of herself Every Day.  This is just an idea, but maybe you can go and do something with your life and then take a picture as opposed to staring at yourself in the mirror.

On a good day, most of us can fit into at least three of these stereotypes, which actually explains why we lose Facebook friends faster than losing chapstick. However annoying we may be though, the only people we do need to keep are the people most important to us, and that might be just about all of them.