Rolling with the Pigs

Bryce Rodabough, Staff Writer

As this November draws near, the American populous is continually being bombarded by the presidential campaign between Presidential hopeful Governor Mitt Romney, and current President Barack Obama.  Commercial after commercial, speech after speech, each containing highlights of their platform, or jabs at one another in order metaphorically curb stomp their opponent into embarrassment in order to rally votes.

But on a smaller scale here in Utah, a similar political battle of epic proportions rages in the streets and chapels of Utah.

Hopeful for re-election, Jim Matheson, Representative for Utah’s 2nd congressional district, is up against the Saratoga Springs Mayor, Ludmya “Mia” Love.

Normally Congressional elections don’t receive a third of the publicity that Presidential elections do, but are still just as important, if not more.  This election, however, has been different in the sense that people have gotten informed about both candidates. But what makes this election different? One simple answer, mud.

Mudslinging has run rampant between Love and Matheson as evidenced by their commercials and debates on KSL.  I can’t go a single Tuesday morning without hearing is a deep voiced man talking about how Mia Love will cut aid to college students or how Jim Matheson voted with Obama countless times. I don’t care deep voiced man, just let me watch SpongeBob in peace.

But it’s not only the candidates who are mudslinging. They’ve got the support of their parties behind them.  For example, earlier in October, Jim Matheson demanded that TV stations pull a Republican committee commercial that he claimed deceived voters.

Yet sadly, this is what voters focus on.  Instead of what the candidate will do, campaigns focus on what the candidate has done or said.  Sure it’s good to point out what your opponent has done wrong, but for the love of Zeus will you please explain what you are going to do about it?