Naming Names

Sirene Blair, Staff Writer

Names definitely give everyone the chance to be creative, express meaning, or carry on family roots. Even though names are meant to be personalized, there is definitely a line between unique and straight-up stupid. Recently, Baby Center released a list of the worst baby names of 2012. To name a few: Americus, Deva, Fedora, Yoga, California, Hashtag, Burger, Espn, and Google made the top twenty. These people are putting too much effort into finding a unique name for their kid. It is sad to think that these poor babies are being subjected to a life of embarrassment before they can even talk.

Since this is America, no law should be made against naming your baby after an internet search engine or a social network terminology. However, people need to maintain social standards and set limits. Names are serious business. Sure, anyone could change their name if they go through the proper court proceedings, but the process is quite long and time consuming. Naming a baby isn’t some spur of the moment decision; put some thought into it. Even if you give them a nickname, their legal name will continually appear; especially when they get older.

With names like Hashtag, it is obvious that this generation wants to shake off traditional names. One can only imagine what up-and-coming names will start to trend.

“I’m going to name my child The Hulk. No one would ever try to pick on him,” said Shaylee Bland, senior at Bingham.

Instead of looking to items or exercises for name inspiration, people should look at a more practical source for names.

“I want to name one of my sons Paxton,” said Ashley Walker, a senior at Bingham. “I got the name from the book Sudden Storms. Paxton is the name of the male protagonist in this novel.”

Admittedly, there are many people who hate the standards labeled to them for having the same name as a book character or celebrity. But it is better to have standards of an actual person than have a burger be your role model. What good will that get you in life? Help you strive to produce more grease? I don’t think so.

For clarification purposes, there is no intent on offending or degrading someone because of their name. Everyone has a unique name based solely on the fact that you, as an individual, are unique. Please consider your child and give them a name to be proud of.