It’s a Child, Not a Choice

Kristen Andersen, Opinion Editor

In January of 1973, “Jane Roe,” a pro-abortion feminist found out that the Supreme Court ruling she wanted to pass so badly had passed. That ruling allowed women across the United States to have abortions legally.

Now “Jane Roe,” Norma McCorvey,  is one of the most iconic anti-abortionists in the world.

“I think it’s safe to say that the entire abortion industry is based on a lie,” McCorvey told to Life News. “I am dedicated to spending the rest of my life undoing the law that bears my name.”

It is interesting to see how a little bit of education on abortions can truly change the perspective of a person.

Since 1973, over fifty-five million babies have been aborted. To put that into perspective, that would be equal to taking the lives of all the citizens of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. If someone were to come in and kill all those residents, there is no doubt that the government would take action to stop the senseless killing, yet why is there no government action here?

What Planned Parenthood and other abortion supporters don’t want women to know is that abortions can be extremely harmful, even sometimes fatal. Research shows that thousands of women who had abortions end up getting breast, cervical, ovarian, and liver cancers.

According to the group “Abortions Are Wrong,” when a woman has an abortion, her chances of getting cancer goes up 50-100% automatically. Cancer is not the only disease that can be directly caused by abortions. Equally as saddening, most of these women will never be able to have children when they want them.

Not only do women suffer from physical ailments, most also suffer emotion trauma and regret. There is a website called, “After Abortion” where women who deal with these feelings can share their thoughts. One woman shared her experience, which is a perfect example of how many feel.

“I never forgave myself for not giving my child a chance. I know… I wouldn’t have made a fit mother, but I could have [given her up for] adoption or chosen something that wouldn’t leave me with the guilt and shame that I have carried for the last 8 years. I miss my child, and I miss the child I was before I had to make such an adult choice… Please forgive that girl who decided your fate. She was weak and at your expense. I’m so sorry little girl.”

It is distressing that so many abortions are performed when giving the

child up for adoption is an option. Almost 10 million families want to adopt a child each year. That would completely cover the 1.3 million abortions in a year. It does not even make sense to take the lives of the children when there is a place where they could live with someone who longs for them.

One of the largest arguments on abortion is about when life enters the fetus, but truly this has no importance. It doesn’t matter if it’s alive, it’s a life regardless. It has the ability to grow and become someone if its own mother allows it to. Imagine how the world would be different if the president, or the scientist who invented a vaccine, or even just a parent, was aborted before he/she was born. A mother has no way of knowing if her child could become the next president or influential person.

Since the beginning of time, governments have been  formed to provide protection for its citizens. If a child’s own mother won’t protect it, then the government absolutely needs to. Fetuses should have the rights of any other person. They should be protected from murder.

Abortions are wrong. Abortions are simply just taking the life of an innocent child that deserves to live. If a woman decides she is responsible enough to risk getting pregnant, then she needs to be responsible enough to take care of that baby, even if it means giving he or she  up for adoption.