Utah Dances: The Art of Asking

Allie Coats, Art Editor

All over the valley, doorbells are ringing. Elaborate scavenger hunts are carefully laid out and hundreds of names are being written on the bottom of various objects and foods. Dance season has begun and it shows no sign of stopping.

Now you may be thinking that these same events occur all over the nation, and you would be partially correct. High schools all over the country host dances and students attend with great excitement. However, nowhere else in the world is the actual dance rivaled by the planning that goes into the elaborate scheme of asking in Utah.

Everything from a poster full of candy, to geo-cashing throughout the city, students are going to crazy lengths in order to ask and answer. Why can’t we just ask? What exactly would happen if for one dance everyone just walked up to their intended target and said, “Would you like to attend the dance with someone as great as me?”* wink*. It would only take one sentence, and to save yourself the embarrassment you could preface it with asking them if they had been asked; if they have, then you politely ask them about it and excuse yourself to go cry alone.

You never have to worry about whether someone is going to beat you to the punch. And if you just asked them, then when you have to discuss the details of that day it’s not awkward, because you have already had a conversation where you both talked like normal human beings.