Romance of Winter

Emily Rodrigues, Op/Ed editor

Sharing hot chocolates, huddling close, and blanket fort Christmas movie marathons are all things that make the memorable intimate moments of winter.  When there is so much holiday rush and running inside to chase away the freezing cold, sometimes we forget about how romantic and sweet winter can be.

There is no place like home for Christmas, and what makes it even better is being surrounded by all your loved ones and that special someone to celebrate with. In high school we juggle jobs, homework, and even annoying siblings. Sometimes this causes us to feel like we are too busy to feel all warm and squishy. I know many of my peers hate the snow because it’s cold and wet, but honestly? How good would it feel to chuck a snowball at that cutie that never seems to notice you? Then finally you get to have an epic battle of flirty comebacks and dodge flying snowballs.

Also remember the must go date to the Zoo Lights at Hoggle Zoo. Just picture it, your breath mingling with your crush’s in the frozen air, while being surrounded by thousands of twinkly lights. Then after seeing all you can see, you both go and share a hot chocolate and churro. You would have to sit extra close to stay warm, and all the while your crush can’t tell if you’re blushing or not because both of your noses and cheeks are red from the cold. Believe me it’s worth it to be cold and have sore legs for those amazing moments that could turn a friendship into more.

Winter pushes us towards the warm fires, blankets, and snuggling. Why not enjoy it with someone adorable? Wear fuzzy socks and show them your cuddly side over the rims of Starbucks cups. The company even said, “Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.” A first date is definitely a possibility over some delicious coffee and whipped cream mustaches. Personally I think a night in is a great way to stay away from stress and be comfy with someone who wants to get to know you better. Plus there is no shortage of cheery Christmas movies to watch over buckets of popcorn.

    Don’t miss out on the cute moments that make winter so amazingly sweet. It’s not just about the presents and holiday rush. It’s about the love. Whether you are in a blizzard, or decorating a tree, just make the moments count. They can pass you by in a single frozen heartbeat. Some of us love the idea of mittens, snowmen, and being with you. Yes, you. Let out that inner hopeless romantic, and be a snow gentlemen for that special ice queen.  Elsa always said, “The cold never bothered me anyway.”