Requirements vs. Interests


Photo by Paige Bollman

Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer & Photographer

Sometimes, we have to learn things we have no desire to learn or learn about things we have no interest in.

We all have classes that we’ll look back on and wonder: why did I have to take that class? Why do we have to learn certain things if we’re not going to use that in our career? A common thought or question in math is, “When are we going to use this?” But you can’t ask that without getting in trouble.

Certain classes might do us some good now, but it’s useless when we could have taken another class that would actually help us get to our future career.

According to Lexy Miller, a senior at Bingham, the most pointless class she took was “World Civ. I loved the class, don’t get me wrong, (…) it was just so hard to remember everything that happened in the world. The teacher I had made the class really fun. It all left my mind when the class was done though.”

What about the pointless stuff we learn in useful classes? Like learning about the dinosaurs. Sure, it’s cool to learn about but they are dead, and unless you’re going to be a paleontologist, that information doesn’t really affect you.

Bingham High is not a bad school, but the things kids everywhere are required to learn can be so pointless and irrelevant. According to an article titled “American Schools Are Training Kids For a World That Doesn’t Exist” by David Edwards, “We ‘learn,’ and after this we ‘do.’ We go to school and then we go to work.” Is school offering the correct classes we need to pursue the career we want? In all reality, schools are here to help us take the classes we need as well as help us take those pointless but required classes.