The Best Holiday

Braden Danise

There are hundreds of holidays celebrated around the world every year; none of them are greater than Christmas.

Christmas brings a festive spirit that no other holiday can replicate. For the entire month of December people decorate their homes, sing Christmas carols, and give gifts to others. Christmas is the only holiday with such a long list of traditions and ways to celebrate that it completely changes what the world feels like.

Christmas is also the most widely celebrated holiday in the United States. According to a study by Gallup, approximately 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas every year. The second most celebrated holiday is Thanksgiving, with 88% of Americans celebrating it each year.

Another festive element of the Christmas season is the entertainment we enjoy. Every December (or October for some people), we listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies even though we’ve seen and heard them all a thousand times before. This is part of what makes the holiday so special. What other holiday changes the way we entertain ourselves? Halloween is the closest challenger, but that just means watching a scary movie or listening to “Monster Mash” a couple times.

At Bingham, students agree that Christmas is the best holiday of the year. In a survey of 65 Bingham students, 43 said that Christmas is their favorite holiday. Thanksgiving received the second most votes with nine students calling it the best celebration.

The greatness of Christmas is not limited to activities done at home. At Bingham, Christmas is the most fun time of the year as well. There are so many activities to participate in after school during December that anybody can find a way to get involved and help contribute to the holiday spirit we have at Bingham.

Put up your Christmas lights, make paper snowflakes, watch your favorite Christmas movie; help make Christmas “the most wonderful time of the year.”