Hairstyles Around Bingham

Photo Credit: Versace runway, Milan, 12 January 2019. Photograph by Photoshot

Photo Credit: Versace runway, Milan, 12 January 2019. Photograph by Photoshot

Everybody’s got hair, and what’s cool about hair is that people can do absolutely anything with it. For students at Bingham, there are certain trends and hairstyles that you’ll notice when you look around. 

Some popular styles you might see for boys include long middle parts, long waves, and buzz cuts. For the girls, it mostly stays consistent with long Utah curls (long curls with straight ends) or cutting it down to about shoulder length.

Photo Credit: @joiewallacehair

After asking multiple students around the school, it was determined the most common trend is just to keep it long. It was also found that long hair is objectively more attractive on guys than short hair and the more waves the better. Students say that for guys it’s better to have darker hair than lighter.

One trend starting to become more and more noticeable is that the boys have started to buzz and bleach their hair. This has started to become a very popular trend in the last few months and is very popular not just at Bingham, but in almost every school around the nation. “I just did it cause everyone else did it,” one student, Kyle Harrison, says, “and it just looks sick”. 

That’s usually the case for most high school hairstyles. People just do whatever they see others doing and it leads to a majority of similar styles schoolwide. The same thing goes for clothes and even vocabulary. The more of a specific clothing style or slang people use around school, the more popular that thing becomes.

If you look back through past years of students and the hairstyles that were popular you’ll notice that even though they look different, one factor remains the same, long hair for girls and boys alike with lots of waves and curls. The reasoning behind this comes down to students wanting to branch out and have the “cool” or “sick” hairstyles while they’re still in high school.

Everyone knows you can save the short and more basic styles for adulthood.