Emily Yates, Online Editor

Bingham High School’s Minerettes are a proud and competitive team of Bingham; dedicating hours of effort and hard work into creating astounding drill routines. Best known for their in sync and flawless performances, Coach Jamyn Miller and the team work hard to compete against other teams and winning titles for our school. When asked how do they prepare for a competition, Minerette President, Kiyana Maumau said, “We listen to the music for our routines and visualize ourselves doing it perfectly.” Competitions place a lot of stress on both the Coach and the Minerettes, the intensity of the moment and the pressure to win create a stressful environment. While they are performing, Maumau said “We think about the specific placement of our bodies, where we’re supposed to be on the floor, what faces we’re making, and controlling our energy.” Before a competition or performance, “We do this thing where we stand in a circle and hold hands. We call it, ‘circling’. Then we talk with our coaches about expectations, someone says a prayer and then we all yell the ‘Minerette Hymn.’

However, through the stress of it all, the team stays close and celebrates their victories together. They realize that their performances are not done by one person, and they must work together as a team to win and compete with the highest level of skill. “We are a team because of our close bond and we all share a passion for dance. Along with that passion is the desire and drive to achieve the same final goal: to be a state champion.” Kiyana later said she loves being a Minerette because, “We are united through our hard work. We spend countless hours together testing our limits, pushing ourselves physically and mentally. You get to be a part of something and live up to a legacy set before you. It’s all about tradition and building character. You get to know people on a whole different level.” Look out for upcoming Minerette performances, show school pride and support our amazing Minerettes!