Bingham Dance Company

Emily Yates and Mitch Potter

Bingham High School Dance Company is a very dynamic and energetic part of Bingham. They are one of Bingham’s fine arts groups that works hard to demonstrate the beauty of dance.

Of the many talents the Dance Co demonstrates, one that we recently saw showcased was the ability for one member to choreograph her own dance. This was demonstrated recently in the winter sports assembly with the performance choreographed by dancer Maddie Ruesch.  The hours of hard work and dedication that are contributed are seen in the amazing performances. Modern, and contemporary elements combine to create stunning routines.

When asked how they prepare for a performance, Coach Gina Terrell said, “Practice, practice, practice..  Dance Company has the opportunity to choreograph their own dances.  Throughout the year Dance Company learns choreographic skills to implement into their dances.” These choreographic skills are demonstrated in their concerts and festivals every year. Ms. Terrell said, “Each member auditions a dance for our concert. This year we have 10 student choreographed pieces.  Each choreographer is given so many days between January and April to finish and complete their dance. Each year I also bring in adjudicators to give feedback as well.” Every year Bingham’s Dance Company receives very positive feedback.

Hard work and determination, along with hours of practice all combine to create the Dance Company. It takes a lot of endurance to be a member. Dance Company member Maddie Ruesch said, “Hard work, time, dedication, skill, and creativity” are all necessary skills to be a part of the team. To create the perfect routine, there must be an element of dependence on each performer. Each member works hard to contribute to the team, and united as a team they perform at their very best. When Dance Company last showcased their skills, they were reported to have done “very well” according to multiple members. Ms. Terrell said that they always receive superior ratings at every festival they attend.

The goals of Dance Company as explained by the coach are “to prepare the dancers for dance in college and the professional world.  We focus on choreography and artistry, teaching skills, and performance.  In Dance Company the students will gain an advanced and a greater understanding of dance as an art form.  This course focuses mainly on the art of modern dance, the elements of dance (energy, space, and time), improvisational skills, technical mastery, the choreographic process, and mastering performance.  Students have the opportunity to create their own dances, teach and work with their peers, and be a part of the creative process of putting on assemblies, halftime shows, and concerts. The material given is designed to help students improve overall in dance and provide performance opportunities. ”

The theme for Dance company this year is “Elevate.” This means to always do your best and lift yourself higher than expectations. Ms. Terrell also said that she loves being the coach because, “I love to see the growth in all the girls. To see where they started and how far they have come by the end of the year is astounding. Most of my girls receive scholarships for dance in college as well as go on to semi professional and professional companies across Utah. Dance Company also has such a great bond to one another. We are truly a family. It’s quite the experience. ”