Athletic Senior Scholarships

Kameron Nuttall, Staff Writer

Recently there was an assembly that was dedicated to our athletic seniors and the

scholarships they have earned for playing their best here at Bingham High. The assembly was

for all sports here at Bingham, from football to tennis; there was at least two from each team

that had earned a scholarship from each sport. These are only a few athletes that have earned


From the Baseball team coached by Joe Sato there were four athletes that earned full

ride scholarships from different areas of the country. First there is Shaun Keetan earning a

scholarship from Arizona State playing baseball. Colin Gordon receiving a full ride scholarship

at Southern Idaho Community College for playing baseball. Then there is Harley Yazzi and

Cash Westerkamp both earning a scholarship to the South Mountain Community College.

Congratulations to these hard working students and the best of luck to you as you continue on

to college.

Now there are some that have decided to go on a different path, to not play football for a

college. Both Ethan Erickson, Parker Workman, and DJ Jones on the Football team coached by

John Lambourne, have been recruited for the Air Force and after they have graduated, these

young men will have a four to five year commitment to the military, along with Brayden Heaps

who has been recruited to serve in the Navy. Simote Kotuy has chosen to continue playing

football and has received a full ride scholarship to play at Southern Utah University.

Congratulations to these students, and the best of luck to you as you continue to live your lives.

Now on the basketball team coached by Jacob Schroeder, Yoelie Childs has earned a

full ride to Brigham Young University to play the sport basketball.

Congratulations to all of these amazing and hardworking students. Good luck to all

seniors moving on to something bigger and better, Bingham High wishes you all the best.