We Are the Miners, Couldn’t Be Prouder


Photo by Henry Munoz

Kylee Rasmussen, Sports Editor

Bingham High School’s student section is legendary. Each and every fall, Friday night the student body crams into rows of bleachers to cheer our mighty miners onto victory. The enthusiasm Bingham’s student section has is unbeatable, and it’s one of the many secrets to the football team’s countless victories.

The support that emits from the Bingham bleachers isn’t new, last football season (Fall of 2016)  KSL reporter Brittany Copeland published an article specifically highlighting BHS’s outstanding school spirit titled,  Bingham Student Section Inspires Top-Ranked Miners to Unbeaten Start. In her review, Copeland explains the countless shutouts better than anyone when she said, “Those players are good. But it’s hard to match the passion of the Bingham student section.” Thanks to this article and Bigham’s reputation, visiting schools know that half the Friday night battle is cheering as loud as our student section.  

Students at Bingham are proud of their teams’ accomplishments and believe that their spirit contributes to their wins.  “There is so much energy and support throughout the student section that I think it literally radiates off,” Bingham Junior and Pit Crew member Saydie Christopherson said, “it encourages them [the football players] to keep trying, lets them know that their school loves them and encourages them to do their best!” In fact, most pit crew members believe that the more spirit we have at the games, the better chance there is for the team to win.

According to Bingham Junior Zoie Reynolds, this belief is far from wrong. Reynolds said her previous school, West High, had few wins the year she was there, and even less school spirit. “I think there’s definitely a correlation. When you don’t have that type of encouragement you don’t win, and when you don’t win you don’t have that great school spirit that Bingham has.” Reynolds said.

Not only do the students think so, but the football players agree, the student section is a big part of the Miners undefeated streak. According to JV player, Tyler Ki, playing a home game is always different than playing away. “The student section definitely reinforces that we’re doing our job, they’re savages! I always start laughing at cheers like the butterfingers one” he said. But Ki also said that the size of the section doesn’t matter because the spirit is still powerful. “No matter where we are or who’s there, they’re loud and proud, so we just play our game,” Ki said.

Being under the Friday Night Lights is a part of the Bingham Culture. Cheering on the football team is part of the reason Bingham is so spirited and a huge contribution to the Miners winning streaks. So mark every Friday till November in your calendars as booked and get out there to let other schools know that we’re the mighty Miners, and we couldn’t be prouder.