Volleyball Girls are in it to Win it

Zabrina Le, Staff Writer

Bump. Set. Spike. Bingham’s varsity volleyball team is close to winning it all.

The volleyball season started in August and ended on November 3rd. Many of the girls had to fight hard to get to the position they’re in right now.  Team Captain Journey Tupea said, “during tryouts there were a lot of new and different people.” Sana Foliaki said, “It’s hard to see how you connect with different people because we’re all different.” Despite their differences the girls have won eleven games and lost one. According to varsity players SiSi Kaili, Sana Foliaki, and Journey, the hardest team they went up against was Lone Peak, and the easiest was American Fork.

State went from November 1 to November 2. During state, the girls won their opening games and moved on to semifinals. They went up against Herriman and Syracuse. Their first day they won 2-0. The semi-finals were on November 3rd where they went up against Pleasant Grove. They lost to Pleasant Grove and didn’t make it to finals. Although they didn’t get to finals they played hard and made it really far. The girls have accomplished many wins and have made Bingham proud.

Having a strong sense of teamwork and unity play an important role in many sports especially volleyball.  Team captain Tupea said, “You have to be able to work with your team, there’s no way you can do this as an individual.” Kaili said, “You need to work together with other people in order to accomplish the same goal.” These girls make sure their team is on track and ready for games by going to practice, working together, and uniting as a team.

The girls volleyball team at Bingham have been working hard every day after school. Their practice starts at 3:00 and is over at 5:00, so that doesn’t give them a lot of time for schoolwork. According to player Sana Foliaki, “With any sport it’s time consuming.” The girls have to choose their priorities and find a balance from school work and after school sports. Homework and sleep become even bigger obstacles when they have an away game. Sometimes the girls don’t get home until 9:00 and they still have a pile of work to do. Even though the girls have extra work to do after volleyball, they still to go to other schools to represent Bingham.

When the volleyball teams practice the sophomore, JV, and Varsity team all train together. This gives them more time to get to know each other and become closer. Although they’re all in different grades and are different ages, they come together as a team to accomplish a common goal. The long hours of practices, games, and physical strain is worth it when you get to be involved in a team. Foliaki said, “It’s easier coming to school because you have something to look forward to.” The girls on the team not only enjoy volleyball as a sport, but also enjoy seeing each other on a daily basis.

These girls sacrifice their time and energy for Bingham, so we should do the same by supporting them and cheering them on. Let’s go Lady Miners!