Smell What the Wrestling Team Is Cooking


Courtesy of Nick Kemp

According to ESPN, wrestling is considered one of the toughest sports to play. Lucky for us, we have some tough kids here at Bingham. Our wrestling team is having a good season. With only one region loss to Mountain Ridge High School, the team is deep into the season and gearing up for the playoffs. The team has beaten Herriman, Copper Hills, and West Jordan with ease at all of their meets. 

There’s more to wrestling than meets the eye. It’s about work ethic and brotherhood. “Wrestling is unique because we’ll be fighting in the room every day for practice, but we’re still best friends again after it’s over,” said senior athlete Nick Kemp. 

Each varsity wrestler, if not every teammate, takes weights as a class during the school day then puts in the work at practice for three hours. Many go home then go on a run to improve endurance which is as crucial in wrestling as strength. For many wrestling athletes, it’s about having drive, having power, staying hungry, and devouring the competition from day to day.

Here are some of the recent results of their hard work at the Division A competition:
Carson Neff takes 2nd
Jordan Wardle takes 2nd
Dax Christiansen takes 3rd

The most important part of the wrestling team is their spirit and camaraderie. “My favorite part of the team is the people that push me to become better, and I love how wrestling shows you how to work hard,” said athlete Carson Neff. The culture of wrestling can seem very tough and macho, but they have a good time together and really feel united as a team.

 “It hurts, but it hurts good sometimes, you know,” said Kemp. “Our coaches are there for us, and we truly are a team, a brotherhood.”