Biography of Famous Players

Brooke Anderson, A&E Editor
January 31 • 112 views
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Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional soccer player (or as they call it everywhere else, football player). He currently plays for the Real Madrid C.F. and Portugal National Football team and has helped capture the championships of many tournaments. According to Biography,...

POOR College Students

Abby Anderson
January 31 • 74 views
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College athletes work just as hard as a professional athletes; the only difference is they don’t receive any payment. One of the main issues colleges face when they consider paying their athletes, is where the money would come from to pay the athletes. ESPN pays the Bowl Championship Series $500...

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Jessie Melton, Online Editor
January 31 • 80 views
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Garth Brooks caught the essence of rodeo life best in his song Rodeo: “Well it's bulls and blood, It's dust and mud, It's the roar of a Sunday crowd, It's the white in his knuckles, The gold in the buckle, He'll win the next go 'round…And they call the thing rodeo”. In the midst of pro leve...

Miner Football Team Goes Back on Top

Giancarlo Diotaiuti and Jessie Melton
November 24 • 204 views
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On November 18th, the Bingham Miners football team took home the state championship trophy with a score of 17-10, beating the Lone Peak Knights and completing their famed “Revenge Tour”. This championship is Bingham’s third in the past four years. The game started off slow for the Miners. Af...

Bingham is Football 5A State Champions!!!

Mitch Potter, Online Editor
November 18 • 172 views
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Bingham High School beat Lone Peak High School in the 5A state final championship on Friday, November 18th. The final score for the game was 17-10. Within the last minute and  a half, Lone Peak had the ball with the score at 17-10, they were within tying range. Bingham intercepted the ball with less...

Ballroom Team

Kameron Nuttall, Staff Writer
November 10 • 183 views
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Ballroom has many dances and showcases planned throughout the school year and are very excited to show the students here at Bingham what they have prepared. Their first showcase is in January and they plan on dancing two different dances, The Lindy Hop and the Swing, as well as many other swing related...


Allie Oniki, Editor-in-Chief
November 10 • 150 views
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Bingham’s mountain biking team doesn’t only climb literal mountains; they get over their own personal mountains as well. As a team, they’ve set goals to get faster, push harder, improve their skills and endurance, and according to them, most importantly, “shred gnar”. Personally, they’ve...

Janiry Mora Can Kick It

Kelsey Heffernan, Social Media Manager
November 10 • 152 views
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Janiry Mora is not your average Bingham High School senior. Mora is a nationally ranked Taekwondo champion. She has competed in Korea as a part of Team USA, where they got fourth place overall. This was a dream come true for Mora, who never thought she would make it so far when she was just a nine...

BHS Dance Company

Bo Potter, Historian
November 8 • 126 views
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Bingham High School’s Dance Company is a group of tight-knit, talented young women who share a common passion: to dance and to show others their art. “Dance … helps me to be me and it just allows me to live. [When I dance] it’s separate than the real world almost; it’s just a different feeling,”...

A Jazzy Surprise

Alexis Hansen, Art Editor
November 8 • 95 views
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A surprise scrimmage planned and played by the Jazz players themselves took place at Granger High School on September 30th giving 3,200 deserving students the assembly of a lifetime. This was a different approach to what their annual intra-squad scrimmage has been like in the past, making it an even...