Bored Without Board Games

Remember the good old days when owning hotels, being kinged, discovering who dun it, and saying sorry without meaning it was the best time ever? So maybe you still say sorry without meaning it (shame), but when did board games really become so old fashioned? What happened to LIFE? To Clue? Games like these have been overruled by technology. Games on phones can’t compete with the feeling of air pressure when opening a box, pulling out the board and claiming your lucky, favorite colored, or the coolest mover in the game.

A game night used to be the perfect time for getting closer to family and friends and it still can be! Instead of having friends over for a movie night (where nobody will actually watch the movie they will just sit on their phones anyway) have everyone come over for a game night! Put the phones in a box or in a designated corner and play without them. Board games and snacks is the perfect recipe for a flawless date, a night of family bonding, or unleashing your competitive side to all of your friends. Some great classics to play for game nights are Apples to Apples, Charades, Settlers of Catan, Incan Gold, Ticket to Ride, Gestures, Say Anything, Headbands, Sorry, Blokus, and good old Monopoly. All these games are sure to keep everyone enthralled for hours of fun that never runs out of battery.