Reality Vs. Reality TV

Ryeleigh McCready, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, life would be easier in a television show.

First, there’s the oblivious parents who don’t know what you’re doing half the time you’re doing it. Even if you get caught (which is rarely on T.V.), you suddenly have the right to be mad at parents, when really they should be mad at you. In the end, they’re the ones that end up apologizing. Realistically, this never happens. Parents aren’t oblivious to everything as seen in TV, and they definitely won’t let you walk all over them.

I’m also sorry to say that the hot jock and the nerdy girl don’t end up together and the hip girl and the nerdy guy don’t have such a hopeful future either. Because, guess what? Reality, that’s what.  Another sad, hard-hitting reality is that we usually have more than just ten people in our school. It’s hard to handle, I know. In TV shows they make high school seem like a party, with fun pranks and teachers where you can get away with anything. Sadly, this just doesn’t happen. Anywhere..

When it comes to getting guys or even girls, TV shows have it all wrong. We don’t make a complete fools out of ourselves and then magically get a guy. It doesn’t work that way or else I would already have a line of guys. Girls may become a tiny bit obsessive when it comes to guys (guilty) but they’re usually fiction or celebrities. I don’t know how it is with guys, me not being one, but does every girl really turn you down? Or does every girl never turn you down? Now I might get corny here for a second but I think it really just depends if your personalities match up. Most high school dating usually starts with being good friends, but its still alright if you barely know the person, maybe you’ll turn out to be good friends. The thing is, most movies and television shows never seem to get this right.

Also, what’s up with kids in TV shows always getting whatever they want? Parents aren’t like Oprah, they don’t just give things away. Who wants a car? You get a car! And you get a car! Actually you get a mountain if chores… Congratulations.

        The most annoying misconception in TV shows and movies alike is that we aren’t ordinary people. I assure you, no matter how much your mom or dad says you aren’t you are plain and ordinary. We don’t have super powers or magic. As much as we’d all love it be able to fly to get to school on time or be able to cast spells, it’s just not going to happen. Do you know anyone in today’s world that suddenly has a whole super life they never knew about. Yeah me either. Heck we barely have time to do our homework, let alone go to parties, or live the high life, who has time for saving people? We definitely don’t have a secret identity, well at least most of us don’t.