How to Have Fun While Practicing Social Distancing


This article was supposed to be a review of the new live action Mulan movie. Then the coronavirus crisis happened, movie theaters started to close, school got cancelled, there was an earthquake, and the Mulan release date got pushed back a month. So here we are, instead writing about how to have fun while practicing social distancing.

For some of us, weeks at home by yourself is tolerable, even enjoyable. Others of us start to go insane around day two. So to ensure that doesn’t happen, here are some tips for having fun while you’re stuck at home with no social interaction for weeks on end. 

  • Find a new movie to watch: the schools may be closed but Netflix isn’t. 
  • Learn to play a new instrument: your parents and siblings who are also stuck with you all day everyday for weeks will love this one. 
  • Take a walk outside: this one is more for the sake of the other people in your house, because without a break, some of us might literally go insane and try to hurt someone. 
  • Try a new recipe: it would surprise you how many different dishes you can make out of canned soup and dried grains. 
  • Pack an emergency preparedness kit: after all that’s happened so far, who knows what disaster is headed our way next.
  •  Build a house out of toilet paper: when your parents ask where the stock went, just blame it on your neighbors and watch the chaos ensue.
  • Sit in your backyard and count the planes that go by: oh, wait, there are none. 
  • Look at some memes about how the world is ending and then sit and contemplate how fleeting life is in the face of the forces of nature over which we have no control. 

On a more serious note, quarantine isn’t really that bad. We live in an age where technology has made us more connected than ever. Even if we can’t talk to people face to face, there’s still texting and phone calls and even video calls. And despite what our parents may believe, our generation does know how to talk on the phone. There are plenty of ways you can stay in touch with your friends without seeing them at school. Just the other day, my sister and her friend played a game of Battleship over FaceTime, and unless you have someone behind you signing all your positions to your opponent (that would be me) it works great. Have fun and stay sane.