Prom Date Changed due to Student’s Efforts


Photo by Courtesy of South Valley Journal

Last year’s prom

Susan Kwon, Staff Writer

Prom is a memorable night for many high school students. For the past few years, Bingham’s Junior Prom has been held at the State Capitol. This year it has been moved to the University of Utah Ballroom. Prom was originally scheduled for the night of April 6th, but it is now taking place on March 23rd.

The date for prom was changed because it was scheduled to take place during the LDS General Conference. The LDS General Conference, held twice a year, is where members of the church gather to listen to sermons given by church leaders.

A majority of Bingham students are members of the LDS church and would have had to choose to attend prom or their priesthood session, which is specifically for men of the LDS faith aged 12 and older.

Senior Erin Dority took an active role in changing the day of prom.

“I have a lot of close guy friends who were really upset about it being during priesthood session,” she said. “I started a petition and Facebook page and about 350 people backed up the change.”

Junior class president Jenna Bolduc believes that changing the date of the event was “stressful, yet satisfying.”

“Prom is a way to make money in order to do the activities like the luau and tailgate,” said Jenna.

Changing the date was a difficult process for the SBOs, but was done in hopes that more students would be able to attend.