Mortifying Memories

Sam Paepke, Staff Writer

Here are some great embarrassing moments, courtesy of Bingham Miners.

“When I was younger I kissed my friends on the cheek, but one time my friend turned her head at the wrong moment: I kissed her right on the lips,” Hannah Blackham, senior.

“In 1st grade, I was wearing basketball warm-up sweats and swinging on the swing. I jumped off the swing and they ripped off. I ran inside crying, but didn’t put my sweats back on,” Nash White, sophomore.

“When I was younger I got an ice cream sandwich and I wanted to save it, so I put it in my back pocket. I sat down and didn’t realize what had just happened, so I went through the rest of the day with a huge stain on my pants,” Blake Edwards, senior.

“After work my mom was picking me up in a rental car, so I got into a car thinking it was my mom driving; then I realized it was a stranger, and they were on the phone. I screamed really loud and jumped out of the car,” Nola Martin, senior.

“I was hanging out with a girl I liked, and when it was time to go home and we went to get in our separate cars. Then I realized that I had actually gotten into her mom’s car, because it looked the same as mine and they were parked right next to each other,” Zack Hall, sophomore.

“I went to the dollar store and asked to use the bathroom, so the manager led me to the back and told me where to go. I came back a few times until I realized the manager had taken me to the boys bathroom and I’d been using it since,” Clara Wahlquist, sophomore.

“Going through customs at the Swiss Airport, an airport employee asked if I knew German. So I said the only German I knew. After we left my friends told me I had just told the attendant ‘I love you,’” Nate Hansen, sophomore.

“I tripped going down the stairs in my house and tried to jump to the bottom instead of falling. However, I have a low ceiling on my stairs and I slammed into that. It flipped me onto my back,” James Packer, sophomore.

“When I was young I went to this preschool that was…hard to get into. The cool thing then was to have princess underwear, so at recess we all showed each other. When it was my turn to show mine the recess aid walked out and saw what I was doing. I ended up getting kicked out of that preschool,” Haley Hauptman, sophomore.

“At Sand Hollow I was swimming and had to go to the bathroom. So I walked up to the top of a nearby island where there were some trees, but everyone saw what I was doing anyway,” Kaleb Loftus, senior.

“At mutual, my nose started bleeding during the prayer. It turned into one of those really long prayers, so I had to get up and leave while it was still going on,” Jessica Vanderkooi, senior.

“My life,” Bailey Means, sophomore.

“I was late for Rand’s class one day when I was sick. I walked in, trying not to draw attention to myself, and opened my sprite. Apparently it had gotten shook up in the car and it exploded all over me, the surrounding desks, and Rand’s computer,” Kell Lotz, senior.

“I was supposed to watch my little brother at Costco. I grabbed the wrong kid and dragged him across the store, kicking and screaming, to my mom,” Kaylee Beck, junior.

“As a young lad walking through Bingham I thought I’d be sneaky; so I ran up to my dad and punched him…when I looked up…it was some random stranger I’d never seen,” Tyler Brown, senior.

“Face-planted on a hurdle in front of the entire boys track team, who were sitting in the bleachers,” Carol Shackelford, Debate teacher.