Brawling with Brothers

Rachel Quigley, Motherlode Editor

Being a sibling means having a best friend and mortal enemy at the same time. Whether it’s an older brother, younger sister, or the neighbor kid down the street adopted into your family, fights are bound to occur. Here are some experiences of Bingham students:

“My brother took my phone and hid it. I told him I hoped he died on his mission. When I found my phone it was next to my brand new longboard…I felt horrible,” Lauren Herrin, senior.

“Broke the bathroom door on my little bro when he was pooping,” Daylor Youngblood, senior.

“We were driving and saw this person and got in a fight over if the person is a boy or a girl…” Madison Olsen, senior.

“I tried to throw my sister away in the garbage and she retaliated by biting me in the middle of the back… I still bear the scar,” Sara Newberry, English teacher.

“Me and my brother were going at each other so my mom put us in this little room and we had to say 30 nice things about each other,” Emilee Robinson, junior.

“My brother had some candy that I reallly wanted. I chased him around the house until he slipped and cracked open his head. After my mom took him to get his head stapled back together, I still ate the candy,” Tyler Topham, sophomore.

“I hit my sister in the head with a skateboard because she wouldn’t give me the TV remote,” Cierra Purdie, senior.

“We tried to fight each other without using our arms or legs,” Chandler Price, junior.

“I hit my sister in the back with a croquet mallet when I was five,” Nate Naylor, senior.

“My sister and I got in an argument about whether or not I had cleaned the lettuce,” Tristyn Funkhouser, senior.

“My siblings fight to the death over nutella because my mom never buys it,” Elli Kruckenberg, sophomore.

“My brother wouldn’t get out of the bathroom. I slapped him so hard my hand print was on his back for ten minutes,” Katya Van Patten, senior.

“My sister got mad at me and I kicked a hole in the wall,” Jordan Brough, junior.

“I punched my brother in the face,” Riley Dial, senior.

“My sister buried my football and I didn’t find out until years later,” Nic Nielsen, senior.