A 90s Kid’s Toy Story

You remember it, we all remember it. The three buttons. Proportionally placed next to one another at the bottom of a handheld virtual pet, and although you also remember how completely and utterly stupid it was, you loved your Tomagatchi; you cried when it died. (Then threw it against a wall.) 

You were even happy when you got to clean up its poop. The saddest thing about the Tomagatchi: that the simpleton elementary school kids now-a-days have no idea what it is. We are the 90’s kids. Even if you hardly have the right to call yourself one, you were still born at the end of the century. And, let’s be honest here, we had the coolest toys.

Back in the day there were no iPhones to be obsessed with and no Flappy Bird to spend all your time on. If anything you were outside as a child, getting dirty and screaming loudly. In those times when you were not outside when the rain was pouring and the temperature was below zero, you sat in your room and did what every 90’s kid did best. You spent your time with your Polly Pocket, twenty-seven different Bionicles and Game Boy. The nostalgia comes rushing back as you remember Ash battling a Butterfree on your Game Boy Advance. Oh yes. Not just the Game Boy, or the Game Boy Color, you had the Advance. The horizontal game play made everything so much better. Pressing the buttons, sticky from spilling Motts Apple Juice all over it, you felt the sweet pleasure of finally capturing the Pokemon you’ve been striving for.

Suddenly, you hear a loud DING! That sweet, sweet, two by two-inch cake was done baking after three and a half hours in your Easy Bake Oven. Even the boys can appreciate the cake that was baked by a small twenty-watt light bulb. Who knew victory had ever tasted so good… Who knew that eating the cake in one bite would be the opposite of satisfying.

Every child has a toy. It’s not our fault that the current generation doesn’t get to experience the toys that we got to. We never had to worry about an iPad getting wet. We didn’t have to worry about Polly Pocket’s clothes getting wet because the water would trickle off them because they were made of rubber. We never cried when our parents changed the password on the Netflix account, we had better things to do.