How to: Avoid Public Humiliation

Tanner Lertsongkham, Staff Writer

 Everyone has been publicly humiliated, it’s something that you feel is inevitable, but with a few steps you will be able to avoid it.

    Remember to check yourself before you wreck yourself. We all go up to give a presentation in class and find out that there’s something wrong. We either look like Oscar the Grouch or Cookie Monster. Try to avoid running your finger through your hair before going up and use any reflective object you have to fix it because if you just run your finger through your hair you will more than likely become a unicorn and not a good one.

To avoid awkward stains remember to not have thanksgiving dinner moments before its your turn to present. You’ll either end up looking like the turkey or gravy gone wrong. If case comes to worst just poor your food over yourself and either you’ll be excused to go home or at least your shirt will match your shoes.

Remember to look down. Everyone feels embarrassed after their presentation if they go up to find there fly was down or there was a stain on their shirt. If you find a stain, just do the awkward hand placement on the stain or ‘let me hide this’. If you have access to sharpies you could always color your shirt to cover the stain. People will view you as authentic and creative. If you haven’t finished your presentation, go first. By going first you set the standards and remember C is passing! Even if you feel like you did it wrong, just go first. People will think they did it wrong and you’ll look super awesome until you get to the last presentation and people realize that you did it wrong.

To avoid falling on air remember bunny ears (i.e. tie your shoes)! Don’t be too distracted by your phone. I know we all feel awkward being in public alone so we use our phones as a safety blanket but don’t forget that the earth does random gravity checks and you’re going to end up on our face. Watch where you’re going because it’s the worst when you run full force into someone else on their phone and its just this awkward situation. To avoid this, just turn on your camera. Pretend to be playing on your phone, but actually be watching the world through your iPhone, because we all know its your Instagram description.

    Just remember that it’s inevitable and you gotta run with it. Go with the flow and you’ll be fine!