A Guideline to Buffets

Tanner Lertsongkham, Staff Writer

Every time you step into a buffet you get overwhelmed with choices.

You must first grab a plate and they’re usually awkwardly warm, but that’s fine, just go with it. You’ll feel overwhelmingly hungry, but go for the food in the order that it is presented to you. Depending on your hunger level you’ll like what you see. These will more than likely be your main courses and sides. You can’t fit all the foods on one plate so don’t worry, it’s a buffet you can go back for more! Now stop trying to fit everything on one plate, it’ll take a few depending on the level of hunger.

Now you must first orient yourself and figure out what kind of buffet you are at. Does it look like Asian food? You’re probably at an Asian buffet if you said yes. If you said no, you could possibly be at a regular buffet that serves American food. If there are not excessive amounts of food around you, you’re probably not at a buffet.

Now, what food do you get? If you’re like me, you’ll want to follow a pattern of foods to get. Some people do the 3 course meal process, I prefer following a theme for my plates. You put all seafood on one plate, all sides on another and so forth. Also don’t waste space for fruits we like to think of that as a “dessert” so wait until you’ve eaten your vegetables (or not).

After you’ve eaten all your food, or when you first enter, make sure there’s a dessert section. By dessert section it really means soft serve ice cream machine. You don’t just get a soft serve cone; you make this elaborate concoction that looks like your fifth grade art piece. After you’re art piece has been obliterated, you go back and try each cake and/or cookie. Don’t worry they’re usually in mini pieces because of people like me telling you to go and grab each and every one of them. After you’ve done all this, you’ve officially completed your buffet experience.