Best Places to get Food on a High School Budget

Megan Monson, Editor-in-Chief

Money is tight when you work for minimum wage, or don’t work at all. Sadly enough, food costs money, and going out to eat costs roughly 4 times as much as staying at school for lunch. Never fear, because food isn’t actually out of your budget.


·  Dunford Donuts

Donuts are quick, cheap and filled with sugar. Granted, they’re not the healthiest option, but the calories are worth it when you get a frosting covered pastry and a sugar high. And the best part is, you can buy them at the Holiday, you don’t even have to go out of your way.

·  Village Inn

Although it’s not exactly a quick breakfast, on days off of school, it’s a perfect option when you want to get breakfast with friends. VI’s food is heaven on a plate, and their portion sizes are worth the money. Wednesdays are especially amazing, because it’s free pie day, and who doesn’t love free pie? It’s a little on the pricier side, but it’s perfect when you want to splurge.

·  Kneaders

All you can eat cinnamon French toast for $5.99 is one of the most amazing ideas anyone ever came up with. Kneaders won’t make you empty your wallet before it’s even lunch time.



·  Costa Vida

Consumable portion sizes and better prices than Café Rio are definite pros for Costa Vida. If you like Mexican food even a little bit, Costa Vida will have you hooked. Showing your student ID allows you to get whatever special you want and it will cost less than $8, is there a better combo? Nope.

·  Costco

Although it’s a little further away than most places, Costco’s pizza slices are worth the drive. It’s only two dollars for a pizza slice that’s bigger than your face.

·  Zupas

Zupas has a little bit of everything that’s wonderful. Their soups, sandwiches, and salads are all under $5—or $9 for a combination of 2 of two choices; you’ll be in love after the first bite.


Anytime Foods:

·  Waffle Love

Waffles aren’t just a breakfast food, and when Waffle Love’s in town, it becomes waffle time, even if it’s 3 PM.