Snacks: Need I Say More


Megan Hutchings, News Editor

We all know that feeling of standing in front of an open fridge, and not being able to find anything to eat, even if the fridge is completely full. This feeling of hopelessness is pretty much the worst feeling in the world. You know that you want something to eat, but you have no idea what it is you want.

Living in a crazy family with five teenagers makes it completely impossible to save even your favorite snacks for a rainy day. Siblings are constantly mooching off of your secret stash, even when it is hidden in the most obscure hiding place that you can think of. How do they even think to look in the closet in the attic? The time when snacks are missing is when the claws come out in my house. It is survival of the fittest. This is the time for impromptu shopping trips, calling an only child friend, or yelling at the top of your lungs for your mother.

Luckily we have so many modern, delicious snacks. Sometimes I wonder what life must have been like before Jif-to-go or Nutella entered the universe. I’m not even sure if there was a life before Nutella. Imagine someone living in ancient Greece or something, and having nothing to snack on except disgusting rice, corn husks or something like that. It would take several hours just to make your food. One day foods like Nutella will be added as their own food group. It should just be called Snacks, and include the most delicious snacking foods. It’s going to happen.

People are very protective of their snacks. Using snacks to find out who your real friends are is a foolproof plan. Asking someone to share their snack with you is the truest test of friendship, especially if you put your plan into action at school. If you show up to school with a backpack full of snacks, suddenly you become the most popular person in school. Being allowed to eat in school is pretty much the best thing ever, especially in that killer third periods, right before B lunch, where your stomach decides to demonstrate its ability to speak fluent whale. Snacks are a very important part of high school student’s lives, more then we really realize.