Weird Things People Do With Food


Ryeleigh McCready, Staff Writer

Most of us have been there, we get bored and start experimenting with food.

There are many different ways people consume their food. You probably have a few obscure combinations of your own. These are just a few strange things people do with their food. I’ve even asked some of Bingham’s own. So what are you waiting for?

Lola McCready (5) says she enjoys grilled Mash Potatoes and Milk-Water as a dinner meal. She says “it’s yummy”. In case mashed potatoes just aren’t your thing you can always spread Banana Pudding or Nutella on your Pizza. After all isn’t Nutella good on everything? Sometimes you’ve got to mix sweet with salty, like putting jelly on a hamburger such as Ashlyn Pettit would do. Another appetizing dinner meal to try if you’ve run out of ideas is to first cook some instant noodles. Next drain the liquid, spread mayonnaise, and mix it. Then put it all between two slices of bread. Masterpiece.

Le déssért, my personal favorite. I truly go overload when it comes to dessert, but some of these have even my jaw dropping.  For those of you love Jell-O or mayo, try combining the two like Kamryn Hicks does. Chocolate seems harmless enough, but have you ever had it with Onions?  For you meat lovers out there, why not have it on the go? Steak pops with Caramel and sprinkles sounds promising.

Soon the flavor of Ice Cream will beat the ones of Jelly Beans. Would you like Bacon flavored Ice Cream, Pizza, Liver? Just kidding they don’t have a Liver flavor… Yet.

Le Snack, basically 85% of what most teens eat. My personal favorite snack is a banana. It has to be sort of brown, and then I mash it up and basically drink it. It tastes like a Cinnamon Banana Smoothie. Madison Arnell states she likes raw Ham with Mustard and Mayo. I also really enjoy pickles with peanut butter, and then drinking the juice afterwards.

Which brings us to le drinks. Since it’s that holiday time of year, eggnog is back! I love eggnog by itself, but it tastes amazing with sprite and paprika. Arnell also confesses Coke, Sprite, Cranberry, and Orange Juice is delectable.

Apparently chocolate has antioxidants, so it’s perfect for spreading on your face while having a relaxing massage. That way you can smell the chocolate during the massage and eat it afterwards. A tradition that has been happening since 1944 is the annual throwing of the tomatoes in Spain. Which is basically a food fight, but with only tomatoes.

Something I find very confusing, but still interesting is when I see sculptures from fruit and vegetables. It’s one of the most entertaining things to look at when you’re bored, but… Why? I thought we were all taught from a small age not to play with our food. It turns out you’re an artist if you do.

Whoever you are, and whatever strange eating habits you may have, you’re not alone.