Driving you Crazy (Expectations vs. Reality)

Sixteen years old and your dad tosses you the keys to your brand new set of wheels. Of course it’s a cherry red convertible, so you hop in and take it cruising down the road, sun shining, wind blowing through your hair, carefree and loving life. Unfortunately this is not the reality of driving, quite far from it in fact.

When you imagine driving you see the freedom that driving provides, what they don’t tell you is that your car will not run on your sheer desire to go places, no the car wants gas, gas that costs money, money you get from a job, a job that you need a car to get to. This dilemma is a seemingly endless circle.

For some reason when you picture yourself driving it’s sunny outside, and there is no one else on the road to worry about, however living in Utah we enjoy the natural phenomenon called snow. Which means that you several stressful hours on the road, trying not to have a panic attack because the only things you can remember are all of the horror stories from Drivers Ed that include sliding, and slipping, and dying.

    Driving is fantastic sure, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. The truth is that driving is boring, and lonely, you talk to yourself, and sing to the cars next to you, and sometimes you just want to teleport home, because the thought of driving there doesn’t even remotely sound like something you’d like to do at that moment.