Pinterest (Expectation vs Reality)

Mini Tupai and Tiffany Hartley

Pinterest and the tutorials or Do It Yourself (DIY) have become a phenomenon since it first started, and of more interest, the Pinterest Fails.

From hair-do and makeup fails, to sewing your next debut outfit , easy-does and you can toos become disastrous, and ‘hide your face for a week’ moments.

Many people have attempted to recreate what they’ve seen on Pinterest but it doesn’t always turn out how they want it. They say it can be done in three easy steps but but three hours later its not even close to what its supposed to look like. Next thing you know your Cookie Monster cupcakes look like a fish that died because it ate too many cookies. Or any of the hair tutorials. They make it seem so easy but by the end, you just want to chop off all your hair. Everything seems so easy but in reality, nothing on Pinterest is. To recreate anything you see on Pinterest would take thousands of tries to even get something remotely similar to the picture or video.