A Not So Princess Life (Expectations vs. Reality)


Hanna White, Staff Writer

Four year-old Hannah’s future would be the following: she would be a princess who wore gorgeous dresses and married a handsome prince (who had a white horse!) and live in a castle in Salt Lake City (the place with the most beautiful castles in the world, of course!). It was either that or she would grow up and marry Legolas (who, by the way, was a wood-elf prince anyway, which seemed awfully convenient). It wasn’t really her fault that she grew up so disillusioned – from a tender young age she had been raised on Disney princess movies, the A&E Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth!), Ever After, and Lord of the Rings. She was raised to hope – and maybe even expect – that she would one day be a princess. Castles, dresses, glass slippers (although, let’s be honest, how in heaven’s name did she really expect that they wouldn’t break?!), you name it – if it had to do with princesses, she thought they would one day be hers.
Sixteen year-old Hannah’s life looks more like this: she doesn’t know where the heck to find a prince who would want to marry her (let alone a prince who coincidentally owns a white horse). She has, since her four year-old days, come to the sad realization that Legolas does not exist (although The Hobbit trilogy may have since revived her deep, passionate feelings for him, whether or not he is real . . .). She has also come to the conclusion that boys can be idiots (but absolutely adorable . . .) and has considered creating a “Boys are Cute but Currently Irrelevant” club. Not really looking like a future-princess life. She expected that by now she would have met a dreamy prince who she could date for a couple years before marrying – not the case. She pretends that she’s completely okay with that – princesses have too many problems, anyway (responsibilities, luncheons, tea – way too many commitments, and problems that she doesn’t have to deal with. Besides, castles are said to be drafty – totally overrated if you ask her). As a kid, she pretended that she would grow up and be a princess. Now? She eats her animal crackers and applesauce and pretends to be four again. She is seriously living the life.