Asia (See the World)

Megan Hutchings, News Editor

Asia offers a variety of different activities depending on where you are. If you are visiting the country of China, going to see the Great Wall of China is an obvious choice for an entertaining activity as well as going to see the legendary terra cotta warrior army. Japan also has a plethora of activities to occupy your time. The only way to get around in Japan if you are a tourist is to take the bullet train. Of course, you have to take the train ride past the well-known Mt. Fugi. There are also many breathtaking islands that occupy a large part of Asia. If you happen to visit the Philippines, a swim with the sharks, scubadiving, and cliff diving are a few of the activities that attract some of the most tourists. The white sandy beaches along these islands are absolutely beautiful, and a day in the sun is the perfect way to get away from the stresses of life.

While you are in Asia, a delicious meal of rice or noodles would be a great way to satisfy your hunger . The rumors are true that they have amazing food in Asia. However; be prepared to eat some crazy things, some of which include chicken feet, and pig intestine soup, or a fertilized chicken egg if you are among the many islands of Asia, as these are rare delicacies.

The languages of Asia are incredibly complex, so be prepared to have a headache after listening to the native speak rapidly. Most likely, you will understand absolutely nothing that anyone says. Luckily, in some of the countries, they take pity on us Americans and put English words on the majority of signs. Asia is full of beautiful sights to see and if you are passing past there on your way around the world, you absolutely must stop and take a look.