Australia (See the World)

Upon your arrival in Australia, you’ll need to obtain a Subaru Outback (fitting, given that you’re about to roam the Outback) from one of those cute little car rental places by the airport. Be sure that it has plenty of gas because your mission–should you choose to accept it–is incredibly time consuming and may require quite a lot of fuel.
You are tasked with finding Chris Hemsworth’s house, taking lots of selfies there, and if possible, finding the gorgeous man himself. If you do find him, get his autograph, take pictures of him, give him a giant hug. It’s okay if he thinks you’re scary and gets a restraining order against you, because what are the odds you’ll ever go back to Australia again? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and society has always taught you that when opportunity comes knocking, YOU SHOULD ANSWER THE DOOR!
After sufficiently creeping out Mr. Hemsworth, go buy some gumdrops. Then find a gum tree (no one’s really sure what a gum tree is, but I have faith in you), a kookaburra and a koala bear. Climb the tree, eat the gumdrops, hold the kookaburra and sing “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree” while the koala bear does whatever koala bears do in the background. This can be videoed, photographed or plainly enjoyed, just know that however you choose to immortalize the moment, you are committing the inception of Australian allusions and everyone you know will be incredibly jealous.
Once you’re done with your Australian inception moment, get on one of those really expensive ferries (don’t stress about cost, simply remember the little talk we just had about opportunity and what you should do when it knocks) and head over to New Zealand. Find the Shire and walk around on your haunches whilst barefoot the entire time you’re there. If you have a convincing British or Australian accent, speak to as many people as you can in it and see if they’ll confuse you for a Hobbit.
Upon arriving back in Australia, go to Sydney and ask as many people as you can if they can point you to 42 Wallaby Way, look for the EAC (East Australian Current) and ask several people if they’ve seen Nemo because “he came by here not too long ago.”
After you’ve sufficiently exhausted all of the underground Australian awesomeness, you’re probably morally obligated to check out the tourist scene. Go to the Opera House and take one of those Kangaroo spotting bus tours and be sure to send a postcard to your mom and one to me thanking me for all of my Australian advice. I wouldn’t mind one of Mr. Hemsworth’s autographs either.