Bucket List of Oddity (Summer Bucket List)

Hannah White

· Do a dramatic reading of Macbeth for the children on a playground.

· Breathe through a straw under water at a public swimming pool.

· Go up to someone with a deck of cards and ask them to pick a card. Tell them to memorize it and put it anywhere in the deck. Then say, “Thank you,” and walk away.

· Tap someone on the shoulder outside and say, “Pardon me, can you tell me what the weather’s like today?”

· Wear a fake mustache for a day.

· Yell “Marco!” in a public place every ten or so seconds until someone else yells “Polo!”

· Pretend to fall asleep on someone’s shoulder on public transportation.

· Walk around talking to an imaginary friend for an entire day.

· Pretend to have the Force and “open” automatic doors.

· Point to some vegetables when someone else is there and ask, “What about them? They’re fresh!”

· Take a toy car to a restaurant and drive it around on the table while making car noises.

· Challenge someone to a duel for putting something I want in their shopping cart, even though there’s more on the shelf.

· Dart around humming the song from Mission Impossible to myself.

· Tell really dumb jokes on public transportation and start laughing at them.

· Sing “Happy Birthday” to random people on the street.

· Go grocery shopping and talk to the vegetables like they’re babies.

· Take a dictionary on public transportation, read words and definitions aloud, and after each one, say, “So true.”

· Go to a bowling alley, get a bowling ball, and stroke it while watching other people bowl.

· Go to a party with a smiley face sticker on pointer finger and have him face whoever is talking.

· Go up to someone and say, “My spies are on to you.”

· Take a stuffed animal in public and whisper in its ear.

· Ask people in line at a public restroom, “So what brought you here?”

· Give a stranger a hug and tell them that I missed them.

· Walk by someone and say, “Wow, you smell good. Oh, wait, that’s me.”

· Start moo-ing in public until someone asks me to stop. Then start barking.

· Go to the park, curl up in the fetal position on the grass, and sing quietly to myself.

· Step onto an elevator and say, “My first act as President of United States is FREE ELEVATOR RIDES FOR EVERYONE!”

· Dress up all gangsta, roll down all the car windows, and jam out to classical music.

· Photobomb at least 37 photos.

· Go to an obscure town and act like a tourist who has always dreamed of going there.

· Make up a song in front of a stranger and then say, “I wrote that for you.”

· Walk around Wal-Mart in a costume and go ask someone why no one else is dressed up for Halloween.

· Start giggling for no reason and when people give me weird looks, look at them with a straight face and say, “What are you lookin’ at?”

· Invite people in a public place to play “Ring around the Rosies.”

· Hum loudly while in a public bathroom stall.

· Sing all the jingles of the products I see in the grocery store – and do so loudly.

· Press all the buttons on an elevator as soon as someone starts to walk on.

· Play “Go Fish” in the aisle of a grocery store.

· Walk through the mall with a sign that says “Happiness is being awkward” as a social experiment.

· Play a game of “I Spy” in an elevator with a straight face.

· In the grocery store, take something from a shelf and say, “This looks good.” Then put it in someone else’s cart and walk away.

· Take videos of bucket list activities and start a YouTube channel.