Getting Nerdy (Summer Bucket List)

Megan Peterson, A&E Editor

Summer, for many, is a glorious period of freedom from responsibility and rational action. For myself,

and my loyal legion of fellow nerds, summer is a breath of opportunity. A few ideas to become more

comfortable with your fellow nerd are as follows:

1. Reread the complete works of the Bronte sisters (yes, I said, reread)

2. Start a blog

3. Learn to play “Don’t You Want Me, Baby” by AMP on the guitar

4. Visit every art museum in Salt Lake City

5. Drink tea whilst reading Anna Karenina.

6. Recreate Van Gogh’s “Starry, Starry Night” using only crayons

7. Attend the Astronomy Convention in Cedar City

8. Find hidden ‘easter eggs’ in every Disney movie

9. Memorize a handful of F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes to use at will

10. Start a book club

11. Write a novel

12. Solve a Rubix Cube

13. Learn Klingon or Elfish or any other fictional documented language

14. Watch all three original Star Wars consecutively

15. Cosplay at least one Comic Con

16. Spontaneously initiate a Chinese Fire drill at least once a week

17. Learn the dance from Napoleon Dynamite and perform it

18. Have a Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Marathon

19. Create modern art by throwing paint-filled water balloons at a giant bed sheet

20. Have a dance party complete with strobe lights, a fog machine, and some serious bass