Polynesia (See the World)

Sand between your toes, a pina colada in one hand and your sandals in the other, the weather is

just right and you have nothing to do but relax. Your perfect Pacific island vacation will leave you

wanting to be a beach bum for the rest of your life.

Flights to the Pacific Islands tend to be a little on the pricey side, and flights are also particularly

long, according to Price Line travel times range from 16 hours to 39 hours (including layovers). So it is

suggested that you fly first class. One first class ticket to Tahiti would cost between $2,100 and $15,000

according to Expedia.

The cultures of each island country are all very different, so to get the full experience it is best to

visit multiple countries. Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, and the Cook Islands are good options.

If you are leaning more towards a relaxing beach vacation instead of a culture experience, try

renting an island. According to motutane.com, for the small price of $30,000 a night you can rent Motu

Tane, the most expensive private island in the Pacific. For only $24,000 more a night you can bring

nineteen of your closest friends and have a beach party. The rental fee for the island includes a personal

chef to prepare all of your meals and snacks. The minimum stay is 3 nights, and transportation to the

island from Bora Bora is included, so the total amount for your stay in French Polynesia is $90,000,

unless you choose the beach party option, in which case the total would be a mere $162,000.

If you find the beach bum life is really the one for you there are several islands for sale around

Motu Tane and, according to Private Islands Online, they range from $640,000 to $12 million.