Summer Soundtrack (Summer Bucket List)

Spenser Potter

With summer on its way, there will be plenty of time to do several things. Among the possibilities, explore some new music. Since music is all around, a soundtrack is in order to complete your summer bucket list.

Fish on Friday

America and Britain aren’t the only places that produce great music. The country that created french fries also produced Fish on Friday. A calm, mellow, progressive sounding band that makes beautiful music. This is music that you want to listen to when doing some homework, or relaxing after a hard day. Check out “Callin’ Planet Home” to see if you like them.


Like pop melodies? How about some metal? Amaranthe is the perfect band for you. They have created new uncharted territory by fusing pop melodies with a metal backbone. Featuring the incredible talents of three lead singers Elize Ryd, Jake E, and Henrik Englund, this band is one you will have to check out this summer. Listen to “Digital World”.


This is one of the coolest projects in music history. Every album produced by this project is concept album (a story that is told throughout the album) and each one is part of one big, overlying storyline. It features several different music styles, anywhere from progressive rock, to big symphony arrangments, to even Irish folk music. Each character in the story is portrayed by a different vocalist. Rather than suggesting a song, listen to The Human Equation album.


Metal has often been stereotyped as music genre for men. Well, Arven doesn’t think so. The band is made up of all women (except their drummer)! They pull no punches and have produced two albums to date. Their music is wonderful, from the edgy guitars to the soaring vocals of Carina Hanselmann. Give “Believe” a listen to, and form your opinion.

Tin Spirits

A little bit of psychedelic rock mixed with a little splash of some jazz, and you have Tin Spirits. This band is a modern rock band but with sounds from the seventies. A nice mellow sound, if you like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, etc, check these guys out. Listen to “Old Hands”.

Within Temptation

Who doesn’t love listening to a beautiful voice? Within Temptation is a band that has just that. Sharon den Adel’s voice is truly unique and has one of the best voices out there. The even more amazing fact is that she has never had any formal vocal training! Their music is great as well, featuring elements of symphonies and orchestras. Check out “Let Us Burn”.


This duo has produced two albums of fantastic music. And they are from Russia, of all places. Their music is based heavily around the piano talents of Gleb Kolyadinand and the vocal prowess of Marjana Semkina, and there are many classical music influences. For some nice, soothing piano music, listen to “To Human Misery”.

Vertical Horizon

If you are at a loss of what else to listen to this summer, listen to Vertical Horizon. A great alternative band, which might remind some people of Bastille, just with a more natural rock feel. Their catalogue contains a wide variety of styles from slow and mellow, to quick and fun. For a taste of their music, listen to “Instamatic”.

As we all know, there is a plethora of music out there. If you are searching for something to do this summer, check out these artists. It may be what you’re looking for, or maybe not, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a try. May your summer be filled with musical journeys. ​