This is Summer, We Swim it (Summer Bucket List)

Allie Coats

One of the best parts of summer is the water portion of it, and for your convenience as well as my own I

have compiled this lovely list.

1. Jump into a pool fully clothed

2. Float in the Great Salt Lake, I realize that most people feel that this is gross but I’m not

suggesting we set up camp and settle down for the long haul I simply want to witness the

buoyance of it.

3. Investigate the reality of becoming a mermaid.

4. Swim under a waterfall

5. Visit the aquarium, I would tell you to attempt swimming with the fish however apparently this

is frowned upon, and will not be permitted in there facility.

6. Dance in the rain. Not this romantic dancing crap, I’m referencing full on break dancing because

this sounds way cooler.

7. Float down some river, you should take friends because it won’t be fun it don’t.

8. Have a water fight, make sure that your target is not aware of it, using the element of surprise

because while they may be a tad upset you will enjoy the fight so much more.

9. Run through the sprinkles, your neighbors might think you are acting like a child, but that is


10. Wakeboarding, nuff said

11. Have tiny boat races with all of your friends

12. Play a good old game of Marco Polo

13. Initiate a game of water ninja, this is played like normal ninja, but in like 2 feet of water, best if

played on the beach

14. Sneak on to a boat party, you should make sure that this is a big enough party that you won’t be


15. Start a water dance class, invite everyone you know

16. Take care a smallish goldfish, you could name him Melvin, and make him a little sign to go in his


17. Reenact the “melting” scene from The Wizard of Oz, in a very public place

18. Swim in at least 5 public fountains, make sure to keep an eye out for the cops

19. Make a giant slip-n-slide, you should use dish soap and lots of music