Dressing Yourself

Allie Coats, Art Editor

We are fast approaching the mid semester slum. You know when you give into sleep for fifteen minutes longer, your hair and clothing choices will suffer.  This is also referred to as senioritis. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your closet.

Ladies and gentleman, plaid always looks good. Buttoned up and looking sharp, layered for warmth, or tied around you waist, because why not?  Plaid is a great go-to item, because it comes it so many different colors and styles.

You can never go wrong with sweaters. Sweaters have all the benefits of sweat shirts, but they also offer style. Granted, you can’t store various snacks inside its rather convenient pocket, however you do carry around a backpack so that really shouldn’t be an issue.  Sweaters also make you look and feel more awake and prepared for the day, because of the different mindset of even putting the sweat shirt on.

T-shirt dresses are also an easy way to feel more put together. Wearing them with leggings offers the same comfort as sweats, and you also look super cute. However wearing leggings comes with great responsibility, you may want to wear them all the time, and just with t-shirts. But for the sake of everyone else, don’t!

Now for the gentlemen, you would be surprised how far it goes when you do your hair. This might be a completely new concept for you, but invest is a comb and perhaps some hair gel. Also roll up your sleeves, let me clarify do not smoosh them up your arm like you’re getting ready to finger paint. Roll them like a man.

However in case this doesn’t pan out, sleep in really cute pajamas, and keep an extra tube of mascara in your backpack. Even if you’re a guy, you do you, and I’ll do me.