Stepping Out

Mitch Potter, Staff Writer

New! Different! Better! Unexpected!  Everything in two words! Step Out is Bingham High’s new theme for the year!

There is no better way to start the year off than on the right foot! And obviously the best way to do that would be to Step Out! It’s more than just two words, it’s a lifestyle that you should participate in and a goal you have to strive to accomplish! Chandler Ward, SBO of Public Relations, said “Step Out means to put yourself out there, accept who you are and accept other people.” Everyone here is in this together and you must be willing to go through high school with everyone. We have to be willing to put ourselves out there. Meet new people and like them for who they are, while they may struggle to do the same, you will definitely feel better about yourself when you do this.

“This year’s theme was inspired by the idea of having an incredible experience,” said Ward. Despite all of the hard times and the struggles you may face in high school, it still has the potential to be the best time of your life. It’s these struggles that help to create these lasting memories and life changing moments. You need to take advantage of what has been laid before you and you need to just break free. Your way to break free is to step out.

Thirty years down the road, this theme Step Out seems like it will not even matter. You probably feel your career at high school will be history and who cares about it? However, what you do now will determine what you do in the future.

“Bingham will shape who we are because we  made the decision to Step Out.” said Ward. The truth is, you will be who you are ten or even 30 years down the road because of what you did while at Bingham. These are your prime years for finding yourself and making you who you are. You need to take advantage of opportunity before the world just throws you into real life. This is your time to shine and be you.

How is it you can start to Step Out? Ward and the rest of the SBOs all challenge each and every one of us to meet someone new. Learn their name. Make goals for ourselves and work to achieve them. Get that A you were hoping for, try out for that team you’ve been interested in, take up a new hobby! You can meet so many other people just by doing this. Meeting someone new and making memories with people is the greatest way to spend each moment. After all, in the present and the future, memories are all we can hold onto from the past.