I Am Grateful For: Rights, Privileges, and Opportunities

Allie Coats, Art Editor

Oftentimes, rights and privileges are taken for granted. However, we live in a country and time where we are fortunate to get a good education, become whatever we want, and have access to modern medicine in hospitals that practice sanitation.

 For starters everyone in the United States has the opportunity to get a free education. I’m also extremely grateful that educational opportunities are not limited to your race, gender, or income. You are only limited by your desire to learn more.

                You have the opportunity to do whatever you want with your life.  If you wake up one morning and decide that you want to be a seller of tacos, then by all means be a seller of tacos. No one is going to stop you. That’s not saying that everything that what you want is going to be easy, or come quickly, but you have the ability to try to be anything that you want.

                Whatever religion you practice, and even if you don’t practice one or any religion that’s your right. You have the right to believe whatever you want. No one is going around making you convert to any religion.

                We live in a beautiful and environmentally clean country. Even though there are parts of it that are dirty, or the cities don’t sparkle, we don’t have to wear masks because of pollution. We have national parks to preserve the environment, and we have the opportunities to go and enjoy all of those places.

We have the privilege of having a police force that is there to protect all of us. There are men and women who put the lives and safety of everyone in their communities above their own. They spend their days improving the lives of people around them.

                We also have the privilege of due process, and the protection of the government.  If something goes wrong, you can sue someone. If you get arrested you aren’t just thrown into prison to rot. You have the right to an attorney, and to a trial.

                We have access to modern day hospitals and medical procedures. If something goes wrong or even if you just get sick, you can go to a doctor’s office and get medicine, and get help. Not to mention that our hospitals and doctor’s offices practice basic sanitation, that in itself saves so many lives.

                Over all we live in a country where we are very lucky, we have access to basic rights and privileges. And the opportunities are endless.