I Am Grateful For: Sounds

Irelynd Brown, Staff Writer

I am thankful for the first crisp bite of an autumn apple and for the “thwunk!” of the core in a green waste bin.  I am thankful for the whispering rustle of old leather boots on fallen leaves, and the crackle of the s’more fire later that night.  I am thankful for the sputtery “psstchkuhh!” of a newly opened soda pop, and the comparatively indistinguishable “pip” of a stick of gum being broken for two.  I am thankful for the earth-shattering silence of a midnight moon and the deafening sunrise of a fresh day.  I am grateful for the burbling baby’s hiccup and the rumbling bellow of a jolly-man’s laugh.  I am thankful for the kerplop of the dollop of whipped cream on my morning french toast and for the splatter of orange juice in my home-made mug.  I am grateful for the snickering creek as yellow rain boots slosh in, and I am grateful for the bridges screech as we all tumble across.

It is a wonder that so many seemingly meaningless sounds throughout time can bring such satisfaction to our ears and harmony to our thankful hearts.  But many people do not take the time to fully understand how lucky we are to have the tender sounds of life.  When asked what they are grateful for, people more often respond with “family, friends, food, TV, safety, etc” but do we ever stop to think about what our family would be like without your mother’s singing in the kitchen or big brother’s corny jokes?  Do we ever question the role that hearing takes in our intense discussion on whether the boy next door finds your best friend “cute” or “mildly fascinating”?  And what would mornings be without the sizzling bacon or the obnoxious sound effects of cartoon network?

Hear that?  It is the sound of you becoming more grateful for your ears and all that they do.