I am Grateful for: Health

Meg Peterson, Editor in Chief

Some might say that we don’t pay attention and give enough credit to precious sleep and good health; here are some wonderful reasons why we should be grateful for them and how they tie into each other.

There are two types of health; mental and physical health. Physical health is what we do to keep moving, and mental is the motivation to keep moving. Why to be grateful for your health is so you look and feel confident, this is called self-love. I cannot tell you how important self-love is ladies and gentlemen. If you are feeling good about you and your health, then it’s noticed and people love to feed off of that positivity because then they can apply it to their lives and feel about themselves; so be a good role model. Now good mental health is very important especially in high school, because our brains are still developing, so doing something that can be harmful not only to us physically, but also mentally can have a huge impact on your life and can damage you permanently and can damage the way we think. So as long as you love your body, are taking care of it and that you are taking care of your mind also and you are happy, then pat yourself on the back because your body and good health need it.

Now sleep, just the word can bring relaxing thoughts to you; such a beautiful word too. What we kind of hated back when we were three, we just can’t live without now in our high school life. We kind of have developed a love and extreme gratefulness for sleep. Imagine a life without sleep, sounds kind of horrible right? Now for the insomniacs out there, sleep is often rare; but isn’t it so very lovely when we finally do? To the people who have no idea what  I am talking about imagine a week almost two without sleep; try to do that and then you’ll see how  important it is to not only to your physical health, but also mental health. This is where sleep and health tie into each other. Without enough sleep we won’t really know what is going on in the world around us and our grades could suffer from it. Sleep is like recharging for the human body; it recharges our mind but can also help us heal.  Get a good night’s rest tonight and don’t forget to thank your body and health.