If Life Were A: Chick Flick

Meg Peterson, Editor In Chief

If my life were a chick flick, every morning would begin with a Dixie Chicks song and camera-ready hair.  Someone surprises me in the morning?  No worries!  I woke up with eyeliner on and styled hair. I would have a smile on my face, because I had no real problems and be completely unaware of my own beauty.  I would spend my free time volunteering at a children’s hospital where everyone would remark on my perfect hair and the lack of logic in my lonely relationship status.  My mother is pushing me to get married, but I just want to focus on my career and other hobbies like photography and saving newborn kitten’s from the gutter.

My hawk-like focus on my career leads me to a heart stopping-ly cute-meet moment when I collide with a handsome stranger whom I speak with for hours, yet never quite catch his name.  My whole life has changed.  I will never be the same.

A couple of nauseatingly love sick days later, I fill in my best friend (who also wants me to get married ASAP) on the whole ordeal whilst we play recreational tennis.  Not only am I beautiful, I have a mean serve.  Suddenly, the universe intervenes again, yet another sign I am experiencing true love.  The handsome stranger shows up on the court.  He also has tennis skills.  As it turns out, we have all the same interests.  He’s rich and loves children.  I love rich people and children.  We exchanged names and numbers and a couple of perfect, rose-filled dates later he proposes.  There may have been a few speed bumps: secret ex-girlfriend, crazy family, etc.  But nothing can stand against true love.

(Dixie Chicks song plays in the distance)