If Life Were A: Dream

Autumn Thatcher, Sports Editor

Your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. just like any other morning. However today feels different. When you wake up there is magically every item of clothing you’ve ever desired. You put on the fanciest clothes you can. When you drive to school, your 1996 Honda Accord has turned into BMW’s brand new 2016 car. You get to the parking lot, and everyone is gathering around your brand new car. There is a red carpet that magically rolls a pathway for you to the school. You’re walking down the red carpet, passing strangers. The double doors in front of you are opened by two butlers.

The doors to the school open with wind, and your hair blows like a model. As you peer inside, the halls are all jumbled up, like a gigantic maze has replaced your school. Confused, you venture inside. You try to find your first period, but all the classrooms are switched. It seems like you’ve been walking in circles for hours. You’ve been lead to the front of the school once again and now you’re outside.

Closing your eyes, you try to picture what passageway from the school maze led to your freedom. However, as soon as your eyes open, the scenery has changed. Now, you are somehow back home in your kitchen.

Lunch time is just around the corner, and your stomach releases a loud rumbling noise, indicating that you’ve gone too long without food. When you look in the fridge, you see that it is totally stocked with all of your favorites. It’s like when your mom goes to the store, and you know before all of your siblings, which lets you have first dibs. Everything is fresh and waiting to be eaten!

You decide that a sandwich would be nice, so you pull out the turkey, cheese, bread, and all of the little side things. You make the most gorgeous looking sandwich your eyes have ever seen. Full of anticipation, you go to take the first bite, and something changes. The best sandwich ever has vanished right from your fingertips, and you can’t do anything about it.

Actually, you aren’t even in your house anymore. You’ve ended up back at school, no longer trapped by mazes or classrooms. Instead, you have been plucked and placed right in the center of lunchroom traffic. The room is so crowded with people that you can visually see the walls bending. People are rushing by you in every direction. You feel trapped, like you’re suffocating from all the bodies. No one passing you even looks slightly familiar, their faces almost seemed blurred.

Then, you see the one face you’ve been searching the crowd for. That special someone that you are generally too shy to talk to. Once you center your focus on them, everyone else slowly fades away. People must have finally found their classes, because the lunchroom is basically empty.

You make eye contact with them, and they decide to start walking toward you. Within seconds, they are standing right next to you. When you stop staring at them and actually find the words to speak, everything you say actually makes sense. You don’t stutter or blank out. Just as they begin to reply to you, a loud noise echoes through the lunchroom. They are standing inches away from you and you can’t hear a single word they are saying. The jingle tune keeps playing over and over again. You close your eyes trying to get it to go away.

You open your eyes, for real this time. Next to you, your phone plays that same jingle tune.