If Life Were A: Supernatural Event

If life were supernatural then we’d have a lot of monsters running rampant throughout the world. The only way to survive would be to learn how to defend yourself. Research is the key to your survival. Anything can be killed, and it would be your job to figure out how to kill it, that is if you plan on surviving.

To start out, the world would need a lot of shotguns filled with salt. Salt is the only thing that repels ghosts, and it’s more effective to shoot salt at a ghost instead of throwing salt and hoping for the best. However, if life were filled with the supernatural then we’d have a lot more to deal with than just angry ghosts. There are angels, demons, skin walkers, leviathans, hobgoblins, fairies, werewolves, vampires and billions of other monsters that people would have to deal with.

The lousy thing about all these monsters is there is a different way to kill each one of them. Holy water burns demons, borax burns leviathans, a wooden stake to the heart kills a vampire, etc. If you throw salt at a werewolf all you’d get is a very annoyed werewolf. Never fear though; that’s what Google’s for. Don’t know how to kill a creature? Google is sure to have the answers on how to kill whatever nefarious creature you come up against!

The law on guns not being allowed in school would have to be eradicated. If there were a chance that a monster would walk into your math class; you’d want to be able to defend yourself. Everyone would use the buddy system when walking home or even going to the bathroom. You never know when a monster could jump out at you; so it’s best to be prepared at all times. It would probably be a good idea to cover your house in demon traps, or buy a steel house to keep out as many monsters as possible.

So to survive it would probably be smart to get a nice old car that you can fill the trunk with various weapons. Also, if possible, find yourself a Sam and Dean ̶ who as characters of the TV show Supernatural are very good at killing monsters ̶ to keep around in case of emergencies. If anyone knows how to survive the impossible it’s Sam and Dean; and they’re also very good and coming back to life so that’s always a plus. If life were supernatural then it would make things very complicated. Every day you’d worry what to run from next. So to simplify, life would not be pleasant.