Throwback to New Bingham (1976): Fashion

Allie Coats, Staff Writer

Fashion was big in the seventies, and by that I mean BIG. Big jeans, big color, big hair.  And

Bingham didn’t let these trends pass them by. To research exactly how Bingham was styled I looked

through the 1976 and 1977 year books.

These rad cats went pattern happy. They all rocked a plaid. Plaid button ups, skirts, pants, ties,

they did it all. Mixing patterns was encouraged and widely excepted. But unlike a modern day mixing of

bright florals and stripes, those high schoolers mainly just mixed plaid. I guess none of them had been

subject to the just because they are both plaid, doesn’t mean they match.

As the feminism movement gained momentum, pants for women became a bigger trend. Along

with wearing the pants, most women adapted a “working man” look. With button ups, vests, jackets

with a definite suit like feel, as well as ascots. All of these clothes came in an array of colors, and yes you

guessed it patterns! The colors were more autumn, with a lot of browns, oranges, and yellows. The

seventies brought with them the hippie style. The clothes that they wore felt the effects of this. Clothing

became loose, and more easy breezy; the women wore high waisted pants that flared like there was no

tomorrow. Those who bought into this trend enjoyed a broader color pallet, as well as a long more

natural hair style. They also had the joy of wearing fringe, which feels like a plus.

The guys didn’t miss the trendy boat either. They wore plaid pants with everything, but seemed

to especially hit the mark when pairing it with a sweater vest. You may ask yourself is this why newly

retired  men dress in plaid and sweater vests while golfing? While I have no proof, I’m inclined to say

yes, this is why your grandfather dresses like an Easter egg gone rogue in a department store.

The girls definitely knew how to rock the heck out of their hair. They all had the same shoulder

length big curls, with just enough feathering to insure the right kind of attention. The boys hair oddly

enough looks pretty much the exact same as almost every guy sitting by you. With the exception of the

boys who rocked a bowl cut, which some boys today do kinda pull off.

Fashion has always been something that helps to shape and characterize a time. The seventies

were no different, trends swept the nation in excitement. Bingham has seen everything from those plaid

bell bottoms to the leggings every other girl seems to be rocking these days.